About us


Larkbio is a privately held bioinformatics company with offices in Budapest and Debrecen, Hungary. Our major focus areas are IT systems and data analysis for health and omics research. We work closely with pharmaceutical and biotech companies, research institutes and clinics. We are dedicated to helping our clients and partners reach their bioinformatics needs.

We have been managing clinical sample collections since 2008, our first biological sample libraries were set up in the same year. We started to develop alignment algorithms for next generation sequencing in 2009 and ever since we have been working in several international projects as a bioinformatics provider. Our customers and partners include pharmaceutical and biotech companies, research institutes and clinics.


Our staff includes software engineers, medical doctors, bionformaticians, molecular biologists and project managers. Because we work with data that is of paramount importance for you, professional services delivered by Larkbio is only a part of our offering, the relationship between your team and our team must be built on trust.

We do everything we can to earn and keep your respect, and your confidence.


Molecular experiments both in academic institutions and biotech/pharmaceutical companies have recently produced huge amounts of data – utilizing high-throughput methods like next generation sequencing or microarray. Our limited ability to understand the biological meaning of the generated data – hidden among millions of insignificant gene variants – has clearly become the bottleneck in the process that holds the promise of personalized medicine or efficient biofuels. We address this problem using our unique proprietary technology, in combination with a tailored expert service offering.  To eliminate the bottleneck and find the results.


To continue to partner with and work alongside leaders in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, to push forward in the discovery of the best practices and applications. Because we know that the answers are in the data, we are dedicated to making that data easier to extract, interpret, and use.