National parks and other environment protection organizations, as centres of environmental protection, pay great attention to the protection of the ecosystem assets under their management, along with the natural foliage of the areas and the recovering vegetation due to natural growth.
The traditional, extensive agricultural cultivation is often the only method in protected natural areas and in their buffer zones for intervention in order to save the environment and sustain the habitats.
Employing technological equipment is necessary for the conservation management of Natura 2000 and protected natural areas.  It principally means the acquisition of technology and machines that comply with the special demands of environmental protection in land use.
The most suitable method of management in most of the grassland is extensive grazing. In this case we need to have the necessary infrastructure for the following activities: livestock farming, creating pens and winter shelters, the establishment of drinkers, wells, the acquisition of electric fences, etc. These objectives are for promoting the protection of the environment and biodiversity and are related to the conservation of the natural state of habitats.


  1.     Borsodi Mezőség – Batúz- farm
  2.     Kelet-Cserháti TK – Garáb machine facility
  3.     Mátrai TK – Pasture of Somhegybükk