The objective of the protection of lifeless environmental assets is the conservation of caves, artificial caverns, geological key sections, and mines with environmental and geological assets, ex lege protected springs, assets of surface morphology, the conservation and restoration of tumuli and hill forts in their natural conditions, eliminating risk sources, protection of bats and improving their habitats in these environmental assets.

Project subtypes

  • Restoration of caves, lighting modernization, sealing
  • Restoration of geological key sections
  • Conservation of mines with geological assets
  • Protection of tumuli and hill forts


  1. Caves of the Bükk (environmentally protected caves and caves with touristic importance)
  2. Rehabilitation of mines, tunnels in the Mátra
  3. Rehabilitation of open cut mines of Nógrád
  4. Rehabilitation of geological key sections of Nógrád
  5. Reconstruction of hill forts in Sály
  6. Restoration of tumuli in the Borsodi Mezőség and Hevesi Puszták areas