National parks replace electric overhead lines with landlines in order to stop the destruction of protected and specially protected bird species as well as birds that are listed on the first annex of the bird protection policy and create safe nesting sites in order to increase the number of these species, as well as improve and protect the landscape.
The completed projects are unique in some respects on a European, since it has permanently solved the complex bird protection problems of a whole nature reserve (Borsodi Mezőség Hevesi grasslands) and its broader environment.
Reducing the harmful effect of traffic infrastructure by decreasing the habitat fragmentation effects of linear transport infrastructure, preventing the declination, degradation, fragmentation and isolation of natural habitats.

Project subtypes

  • Replacing electric overhead lines
  • Reconstruction of electric overhead lines
  • Reconstruction of linear transport infrastructure


  1. Replacing electric overhead lines (Borsodi Mezőség and Hevesi Puszták areas)
  2. Reconstruction of electric overhead lines (Borsodi Mezőség, Hevesi Puszták and Bükkalja areas)
  3. Creating amphibian crossings (Sás, Hasznosi, Varbói and Bogácsi Lakes)