Our organization supports the development of the Észak-alföld region as a business and research center. We participate in projects that contribute to the realization action plans and programs. Dekut NPO works in cooperation with several other organizations and knowledge centers as well as several dozen regional SMEs and large companies. With an even increased focus on European joint research in the next decade, our background and expertise should be a valuable asset in any relevant consortia.


Regional Innovation Strategy projects provide IRE regions with a unique, tried-and-tested approach to the promotion of innovation. Its five simple steps are: (1) initiating regional dialogue; (2) direct involvement of all relevant organisations in shaping innovation policy; (3) analysis of regional innovation needs and capacities; (4) selection of priorities for innovation support and (5) development of action plans and pilot projects.

The RIS project for the North Great Plain region of Hungary has been carried out by a consortia with six members. The detailed analysis and the strategy was completed in November 2006. Dekut NPO has carried out most of the field work, including analysis of the returned questionnaries and conducting personal interviews with senior managers of 56 regional companies spanning every industry, company size, and geographical location. Dekut has also direcly contributed to the creation of the RIS document, authoring an important chapter about the R&D and innovation demand of the enterprises. The original RIS document was updated in 2012, Dekut again was a key contributor.


Visible Project is aimed to develop a validation methodology for non-formal learning process in order to allow the Development Agencies and the Development Actors to recognize organizational positions and related competences. In particular, each member of the organization involved should be able to identify what are the positions of his colleagues, their competencies and responsibilities. Visible Project has been approved under the Lifelong Learning Programme – Leonardo da Vinci- Development of Innovation, by the Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency, in September 2007.

Dekut participated in almost all project activities and played a fundamental role in the second experimentation of the validation methodology. We were responsible for dissemination and exploitation in Hungary. Dekut also hosted the second meeting of project participants in Debrecen in June 2008.


A European study to identify and share the best practices of the industrial relations of Craft enterprises sectors: representation beyond administration, the possible leadership of SME. This project has been funded with the financial support of the Industrial Relations and Social Dialogue Programme of the European Union – Directorate-Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion. Apart from playing an active part in the scientific tasks of the project, Dekut is the leader of the ‘Evaluation’ work package.